Biography of Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher Matthias Wagner

Matthias Wagner

born in 1963,

1983, immediately after his final secondary school examinations he became a freelance painter and illustrator. Exhibitions in Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Straßburg, Hamburg and Baden-Baden. Numerous ceiling- and wallpaintings, Orders for portraits, Illustration of about thirty books für Rowohlt, Goldmann, Ariston and other famous publishers.

2001 acquisition of the historical Zehnthaus in Baden-Baden Steinbach, Ever since: restoration and refurbushment of the 600 m² building from 14. and 17. century. Since 2003 in Zehnthaus periodical exhibitions, concerts and classes.

After 2005 engagement in qigong und taijiquan (tai chi). 2007 und 2008 training as qigong- und taiji-teacher with Bernhard Maier at Centre Qigong in Karlsruhe.
From 2009 on taijiquan (classic Yang-style) with Bernhard Maier. Permanent education with John Ding (London), Wing Cheung (Toronto), Jan Silberstorff (Hamburg) and others.
2013 u. 2014 studies on "Daodejing" at IDS, Hamburg.

2009 german translation, illustration and publishing of the tai-chi classic "Yang Chengfu: Das vollständige Buch von Form und Anwendung des Taijiquan" (The complete book of form and application of taijiquan) (Shop).

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