Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi is a form of qigong, based on the philosophy of taijiquan (tai chi), which extracts movements from the traditional yang-style taijiquan. Lin Housheng, professor at the university for Chinese medicine in Shanghai developped the system in 1979.

Shibashi emphasizes the diligent harmonisation of movements and breath.

It is a form of great beauty, which is not only a joy to perform, but which also helps to develop deep relaxation. Bones, joints and muscles are being mobilised softly, and their litheness and strengh is preserved to high age. By constant, but calm stimulation of blood circuit and metabolism, organic illness can be prevented.

We teach three sets and integrate parts of the fourth set into our curricula.

Since 2009 master Wing Cheung annually comes to Baden-Baden for his "Instructor Training Course"!

Elaborate article in German on Taiji-Europa

The Eighteen Movements
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Six of the eight sets of Taiji Qigong Shibashi consist of 18 exercises each. The fourth set contains 18 cycles of exercises, treatments and meditations against health problems. The eighth set presents the "best eighteen" from the 108 exersises of the other sets.
The seven sets of Taiji Qigong Shibashi in workshops with Claudia-Maria Winkler and Matthias Wagner February 2015 - March 2016
Video Set 1
Video Set 2
Video Set 3
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